5 Things to Remember About Whipped Cream

Yummylicious is the word for the dessert with dollops of whipped cream on it. But it can get rather tricky when it comes to whipping up, using and storing whipped cream. Here are some facts that should know about this creamy delight.

Nothing else will do

Looking for a creamy topping for your dessert? Whipping cream is ideal because of its high fat content (30% to 35%).

The key to a long lasting whipped cream

You wouldn’t want your fresh whipped cream to sour before you can actually get to use it. The only way to ensure that it enjoys a longer life is to make it by using a food processor.

Holding the whipped cream together

If you’re preparing whipped cream well in advance, then you’d want it hold itself together when you actually use it for your dessert.  So, to keep your whipped cream from deflating, use it in combination with Crème fraîche, which has a high fat content.

Undoing an over-whipped cream

Think you’ve over whipped your cream? Don’t worry. To undo it, whisk in a few extra tablespoons of cream. The only time this quick fix won’t work is when over whipping will turn the cream to butter.

Save it for another day

Left over whipped cream at home? Don’t throw it away. Pour spoonfuls of the cream onto a parchment-lined baking sheet. Freeze and then store the dollops in freezer bag within the refrigerator.