About Us

At Dream Bake, we have spent the last 20 years and more upgrading and perfecting our ability to bake wonderful cakes — and bake them to a quality benchmark hitherto unseen in the world of packaged cakes. We took baby steps with a few products including our Swiss Roll for a few years, and have now complete confidence that we can give a range of products of world class quality and mouthwatering taste, that you wouldn’t get anywhere.

Try the new Winkies range — Swiss Rolls, English Tea Cakes, Cake Fingers, Chocolate Walnut Cakes, Cream Filled cup cakes — we could go on and on. These delectable treats are a result of not getting distracted by anything but your cake preferences in mind — and with a commitment to finding and testing the right recipes, and following the most stringent of processes that make sure that you get an absolutely wonderful experience when you sink your teeth in any of our products.

Our secret? Well, it is simple. We believe that while expertise and quality control are important, what makes cakes special is the love and care that go into making it.

Winkies – recipes chosen with care, cakes baked with love.