Christmas Cakes

Fruit Cake

Loaded with delicious fruit and exotic spices, this cake is a treat for the taste buds. Dig into the traditional goodness of this light yet moist cake!


The traditional rich, yet light most cake with delicious fruit and a sprinkle of exotic spices.


Dundee Cake

Packed with delightful flavours of almonds and and exotic fruit, this golden cake is moist and rich in goodness.


A rich, golden and moist cake with exotic fruit, spices and crunchy almonds.


Choco Fudge Cake

A chocolaty wonder that is a delight for chocoholis! Made with rich fudge and the goodness of cocoa, this cake can make moments better with every bite.


A fantastically fudgy chocolate that’s rich and moist


Authentic Fruit Cake

A cake that is filled with the goodness of real fruit and a sprinkle of exotic spices. Discover flavours of happiness, in every bite of this moist, rich, traditionally baked delight.


A traditional-style fruit Cake that’s deliciously rich and moist ,with real fruit and a touch of spice.


Authentic Plum Cake

Moist and rich in flavours of plum, this cake is a sheer delight for the sweet tooth! Explore the goodness of real fruit with a hint of spice, in this cake.


A traditionally style plum Cake that’s deliciously rich and and, moist with real fruit and a hint of spice.


Authentic Almond Cake

Baked with the delicious goodness of real fruit and the nutty taste of almonds, this cake can win anyone over with its traditional flavours and the perfect sprinkle of exotic spices!


A traditional style Almond Cake that’s deliciously rich and moist with real fruit and a touch of spice.


Rich Butter Fruit

Explore the buttery goodness with the Rich Butter Fruit Cake. Dig into the unique flavours of butter, moist Sultana, and rich black currants whipped together to match your excellent tastes!


A unique blend of real butter, moist Sultana and Black Currants.


English Tea Cake

Designed to add shine to tea parties, this cake is packed with flavours that can be the perfect conversation starter! Dig into this soft, moist, rich cake, baked to a perfect golden.


Soft, moist and baked golden, the perfect tea time treat.


Winkies Choco Walnut

Lose yourself to the sheer indulgence of walnut sprinkles and rich chocolate. This choco walnut cake is moist enough to melt in your mouth, and can make your heart melt too!


Rich indulgent chocolate cake with walnut sprinkles.