Crunchy Brunchy Lunch Surprise

Compared to yours, your kid’s WON’T EAT LIST will probably be longer. Tricky & troublesome as your kid might be, it is actually quite easy to win their hearts. Simply surprise them!

Kids, mostly expect you to be the stringent mum. It’s time to raid some tricks from the funville and make your kid’s day. Tomorrow at lunch, throw the little one a ‘Crunchy Brunchy Lunch Surprise’.

Make  a Double Decker Sandwich.  Yes, because a single level sandwich is just too bleh… Use veggies – the leafy ones too to fill up the sandwich. Luxuriously, add mayonnaise or cheese – whichever is your kids’ favorite. Don’t worry, you can go easy next time on.

Now, for the crunchy surprise! Add a layer of chips or wafers between the two levels of sandwich.

When your child takes his/her first bite,the gates of flavours with the occasional burst of crunch open up. Never mind the mess they make, for you know they had a good time eating it. To add a dash of fun, why not be a kid yourself and eat the sandwich – minus your table manners.

Good luck! Have fun!