• After chocolate and vanilla, orange is the world’s favorite flavor.
  • Europeans sometimes eat Oranges with knives and forks.
  • Oranges that have been cooked in a tree for too long can change color from orange to green. This event is called re-greening and affects only the color, while the quality or taste remains. So the orange, colored green, is not necessarily immature. Rather even more mature.
  • Oranges are fourth most popular fruit and orange juice is world’s most popular juice..
  • More orange trees are killed by lighting than plant diseases.
  • Marmalade is orange jam.
  • Orange trees are evergreen.
  • One orange supplies a full days Vitamin C requirement.
  • In Afghanistan, oranges are customarily used as a seasoning at the dinner table. Oranges are squeezed over the food to help cut grease.
  • Oranges were once considered the Fruit of Gods, and were referred as “Golden Apples” – the ones which Hercules stole.
  • Orange tree is evergreen plant that can reach 30 to 33 feet in height, with a crown that can reach 20 feet in diameter.
  • There are typically ten segments inside an orange.