Cafe Select JamPakt
Good vibes just got greater! Winkies, a market leader in the cake segment has a new offering for the fans of all things cool. Imagine expressions, conversations, and fun with the trendsetters in the world of music, poetry, stand up and more. Add a generous helping of café vibes and flavours and you’ve got Café Select JamPakt – Café Ki Feel, Live On Stage!


The Café Vibe Goes Live!

In collaboration with Café Select, a range of new and delicious Latte Caramel Layer Cake and Hazelnut Layer Cake, the cake specialist brings to you, a stage for interactive shows in malls and colleges for the youth where the celebrations are revolutionary. Café Select JamPakt creates the perfect setting for great ideas to be created, exchanged and celebrated surrounded by comfortable café vibes. Bands like Underground AuthorityThe Radical Array Project and Fiddler’s Green have already been rocking the stage in various districts of West Bengal with the café crowd of Café Select JamPakt.


Chandernagore College, Ignite 2019
On 22nd December, 2019, Café Select JamPakt brought the college crowd together in a grand cheer for revolutionary band Underground Authority, with lead vocalist EPR making them groove to his beats. Café Select embodies everything a millennial with great taste can ask for, and U.A.’s JamPakt performance left them asking for more. Here is a glimpse of the event, which has become the latest talk of the town.