• Eggless NOVO Chocolate Cake Fingers

    Its time to find the secret of the dark chocolate in the Chocolate Cake Fingers.

  • Pineapple Sliced Cake

    Real pineapple cuts in smooth and soft slices. Experience a tropical treat!

  • English Tea Cake

    Have your tea the way the English do. With a slice or two of soft, moist, golden tea cake. Now, that is tea-time heaven.

  • Centre Filled – Vanilla

    Mouth watering, buttery vanilla muffins, with a twist. One bite, and the  hidden vanilla cream transports you to a state of bliss.

  • Centre Filled – Chocolate

    Think of a soft, delicious chocolate muffin. Take a bite, and the smooth vanilla cream fills your mouth. Now think of paradise.

  • Chocolate Sliced Cake

    This is a pure and simple chocolate cake, made with love from a classic recipe, with ingredients chosen with care. The result is pure and simple indulgence.

  • Marble Sliced Cake

    This classic cake is made from a mix of the choiciest cocoa beans and vanilla. Can you resist it?

  • Layer Cake – Chocolate

    Chocolate cream, generously spread between two layers of chocolate sponge. Enjoy the double chocolate experience.

  • Layer Cake – Orange

    A generous  spread of orange cream between two layers of orange sponge. Enjoy the tangy orange experience.

  • Fruit Sliced Cakes

    Delicious soft slices filled with bits of fruit. You’ll keep wanting more!

  • Swiss Roll – Chocolate

    Rich cocoa cream, sprinkled with chocolate vermicelli, is generously spread on a soft sponge and rolled to make this delectable cake. Very, very difficult to stop once you bite into one.

  • Swiss Roll – Strawberry

    A soft, delicious sponge cake, inundated with vanilla cream and real strawberry jam, and rolled to make this wonderful cake. Share it with your family, or just eat it all by yourself.