How to Make Chocolate Sauce

For those who believe in stocking their kitchen with an assortment of things that comes handy while cooking, a bottle of chocolate sauce will for certain have its place on one of their kitchen racks.  You can for sure, buy a bottle of the same from the market. But it is easy to make and moreover, you cannot deny that homemade stuff usually outscore their purchased-from-market counterparts.

Follow the 4 simple steps to make chocolate sauce at home-

Step 1

In a large saucepan pour cocoa powder and milk together.

Step 2

Heat and whisk thoroughly on medium flame to dissolve the cocoa.

Step 3

Next, add sugar to the mixture and stir to dissolve it completely. No sugar grains should remain.

Step 4

Boil for 3 mins and then remove the saucepan from the flame. Allow the sauce to cool down. Then, pour it into a bottle or a jug and store it in the refrigerator.

5 Easy Cupcake Decorating Ideas

Serving cupcakes at the party? Here are 5 easy decorating tips that’ll give them a special touch.

Chocolate or Candy 

Inserting bits of chocolate or crushed candy on the cupcake which has a buttercream topping, makes it all the more savoury. You can also experiment by adding chocolate gems to your cupcakes to give it a colourful touch.

Flags or Printed Tags

If you are baking cupcakes for a special occasion, you can pep them up with flags. Take little hand-made or printed flags/ tags which have the special occasion mentioned on them and stick them to toothpicks. Then, insert the toothpicks in the cupcakes.

Fresh Fruit

If your cupcakes have piped vanilla frosting on their top, you can add a dash of colour to them by adding slices of fresh fruits, arranged in different patterns on top of the frosting.

Chocolate Sauce

For cupcakes without butter cream or frosting on them, drizzle chocolate sauce on the top in criss-cross patterns to jazz them up.


To give your cupcakes a chocolatey twist, pipe swirls of ganache on them and a light shower of chocolate sprinkles.