How to Slice a Cake

Baking cake is an art. So is cutting one. You need to be tactful and deft to serve evenly sized slices. You can only do justice to a cake when you can cut it without any leaving any crumbs behind.  So here are a few simple tips you can follow to perfectly piece your cake.

First things first

Before actually cutting a cake,you need to consider how many slices you’ll need.

Drawing outlines

Once you’ve decided the number, take the knife and gently draw lines on the cake to mark out each slice.  When you cut the cake along these lines, you’ll get slices of even proportions.

Slicing a fluffy cake

A fluffy cake is best sliced with a serrated knife. And, you need an immense amount of tenderness while slicing it.

Tackling a cheese cake

To slice a cheese cake, you need to be extremely cautious. Dip the knife in hot water and wipe it dry before cutting every slice.  This needs to be done to prevent cheese from sticking to the knife and spoiling the cake altogether.

Cutting a layer cake

A thin and long bladed knife is best for slicing a layer cake. A gentle sawing motion will ensure that you get perfect slices.

The simplest one

To cut square or rectangular cake, use a thin bladed knife and make parallel slices along the width of the cake. Now divide the cake longitudinally into two halves by cutting through its length, to get pieces of even proportions.