Aditya Mehta

Aditya Mehta, Mumbai

Hello Team Winkies,

In my recent visit to Darjeeling, i had an opportunity to taste your product (Center Filled Chocolate Cake & Swiss Roll). These were one of the best packed cakes i have ever had.

I believe your products are not available in Mumbai as have never noticed them in the markets around me. Would you consider to sell your products in Mumbai/ Maharashtra? I would love to advocate your product in Maharashtra as a dealer or by any other means.


Vipul Dassani, Noida

I am Vipul Dassani, and am writing this to let you know about my feedback on 2 of your products – Novo Choco Chip Muffins, and Chocolate Finger Rolls.

First of all I was really happy to try this as I was completely relieved and assured to know that these do not contain eggs. I follow Jainism and thus, have been developing patience by not trying a lot of delicious looking desserts. So thanks for introducing these at a Supermarket near me. Secondly, the taste of both the products is phenomenal. Its very close to the best egg-less pastries I have ever had and the softness really helps the desserts melt in your mouth. The color, texture, and presentation of the products have been outstanding. I am very happy to have a dessert, I can easily get from Easyday’s shelf, and which lasts long. The only option other than this was Britannia’s egg-less fruit cake which was only re-introduced very recently.

I hope you guys continue to offer more such products and capture the non-existent market for the ones who don’t eat egg-laden desserts. I wish you the very best for the future.


Mr. Sanjeed U Khaleel, Trivandrum, Kerala

Your fruit cake and chocolate cakes are awesome.. Keep it up.. Thank you.



Mr. Benjamin James, Delhi

Today we purchased few cakes pkt @ of Rs.10 each.

It was so good, so tasty, so delicious in small good attractive packing After long time we ate such a nice and tasty cake in small size,

Highly appreciated



Priyanka, Kolkata

We were on a trip with friends last weekend. So we reached Howrah Station early morning, with coffee stalls loaded with one particular brand of cake. We were hungry and it grabbed our attention. Glad that we tried Winkies Swiss Roll-Strawberry as it was way more than we expected. Rarely a cake looks exactly how it is pictured on the package and Winkies Swiss Roll – Strawberry was a yum exception.It was fluffy, moist & tasty and had this immense melt-in-your-mouth feeling. We didn’t have the time to grab more but this product has been recommended by me to my known lot . Good going on the quality. Please come up with flavours like Pineapple and Blueberry. And thanks for the knife inside as it make the job less messy.