Look Who Can Cook Too!

Be the artful parent & hire a sidekick for your kitchen adventures, who will help you cook up tasty dishes in no time – your kid!

While cooking may seem like an offbeat idea to involve your kids in, trust us, it is a jonty brilliant idea to spend time with them. Teach your younglings to cook and they will have picked up skills, which they will put to good use throughout their lives. Make sure they are having loads of fun while learning.

Start with easy recipes – or you might end up scaring them away with complicated dishes. If your kid is too young to handle mixing & grinding, get them to wash ingredients, push the buttons of the microwave or simply hand you utensils. You could also ask them to add toppings or plate things. Let the older kids brainstorm about new ingredients to add to a classic.

If things get messy, don’t fret or stress about it. Gooey fun is probably the best kind of fun you can have with your kids. Use this opportunity to teach them the importance of cleanliness by helping you clean afterwards.

Oh, and you must absolutely resist your urge to fix the plate if it looks nothing like what it is suppose to! If the sandwich is about to topple, call it the ‘Leaning Tower of Pisa’ and have a laugh. It is important that you show them how proud you are of their skills. This will make them more confident and probably, a great sidekick.

What are you waiting for? Get those aprons out, now!