Night In

When in doubt, party at home!

Partying at home makes for a perfect time spent with the kids. The best part? They are an absolute cinch to host!

Throw a theme party, we say… Make it a formal evening and ask your child to dress up or suit up for it. How does the idea of welcome drinks sound? Apple juice, coconut milk, chocolate milk, fruit juice – go mad cooking up the options you have at your dispense.

Bring out the Monopoly board and have an entire game session with the little one. Ludo also makes the cut, here… Give your party a touch of James Bond & turn the game into a battle of the brains – only remember the ‘light & fun friendly spirit’. Prize – the last slice of Chocolate Swiss Roll… May the best one win!

Your theme track for the night should include the Supermario theme, Lion King Music and anything else that you can think of which matches the young & hearty spirit of the night. Finish off with your child’s favorite meal.

Make this a night to remember – and, also something that you should do often!

Do you have a party idea that you wish to share with us? Write away, in the comments below.