How to Make Chocolate Sauce

For those who believe in stocking their kitchen with an assortment of things that comes handy while cooking, a bottle of chocolate sauce will for certain have its place on one of their kitchen racks.  You can for sure, buy a bottle of the same from the market. But it is easy to make and moreover, you cannot deny that homemade stuff usually outscore their purchased-from-market counterparts.

Follow the 4 simple steps to make chocolate sauce at home-

Step 1

In a large saucepan pour cocoa powder and milk together.

Step 2

Heat and whisk thoroughly on medium flame to dissolve the cocoa.

Step 3

Next, add sugar to the mixture and stir to dissolve it completely. No sugar grains should remain.

Step 4

Boil for 3 mins and then remove the saucepan from the flame. Allow the sauce to cool down. Then, pour it into a bottle or a jug and store it in the refrigerator.